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Require info regarding tamil school

Tue Sep 10, 2013 8:52 pm by Positivevibe

I just moved from Chennai, I am looking for admission for my 6 year old kid.
After my extensive search, understand that I can place my kid only in international school, as both of us are holding only professional visa.

Can someone suggest me, if there is any private or tamil school which will admit foreign national?

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Private Tuition

Sun Sep 21, 2008 1:59 am by VJeyaa

Do you send your kids to private tuition after school or do you teach them yourselves? What are the pros and cons of sending kids to private tuition after school? Is it an unnecessary burden for the kids or is it seen as much needed assistance for the kids in terms of education?

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Want yr children’s get straight AAA’s in exam?

Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:10 am by nimmi

1.What is Score A Programme™?
Score A Programme™ is a fully interactive and effective programme to help students Be Exam Ready And Score A’s™.

2.What is "Input Learning™"?
"Input Learning™" is putting information into your "Neuron". Reading, studying, listening and memorizing are "Input Learning™". Too many students only carry out …

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Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:30 pm by maskki

Dear All ;

Are you

1. Working in a private sector

2. No increment or cannot move to higher position because no paper qualifications

3. Having less than 3 credits in your SPM / MCE examination

4. Above 21 years of age

5. interested to continue your studies


Please browse our website , you can find the solutions to your questions. …

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Wed Jan 12, 2011 7:34 pm by maskki

Dear All ;

Hi , I'm Mahendran from RIVERBANK ACADEMY SDN BHD.

As you know we have established ourselves as centre for SKILLS LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE DEVELOPMENT (SKILD) and it is located in Kajang. We are now embarking ourselves to be a full competency based education service provider. One of our latest project is with PKSM as training provider for their Empowerment program in Bentong.

We would …

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Tamil School

Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:36 pm by VJeyaa

Lets discuss about the pros and cons about Tamil eductaion. Would you send your kids to the Tamil school and why you would or wouldnt?

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Mastering the Law of Attraction < Must not miss this>>

Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:28 pm by gowri

Vanakam nanbargaley,

Something which will benefit for our community . I have attended the first session and I find it useful and practical. It's all about our life ..our thoughts ..

I am sharing with you all ...if got time please attend .

Organised by Malaysia Hindu Sangam .

Title : Mastering the Law of Attraction To Succeed in Career and Entrepreneurship.

Date : 6th …

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Bogus Universities & fake degrees

Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:07 pm by frags

A follow up to the discussion we started way back in the little india days. I found this one article dated Jan 2008 about the now famous International Irish University which i was following closely. It was quite an elaborate operation with graduation ceremonies etc.

Now the website is empty.

Source :

The IIU, which has 5,000 students …

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Private School

Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:41 pm by VJeyaa

Can someone from the education line give me some pointers about private schooling? I have been thinking about this recently as my daughter has come of enrollment age to the primary school. My current considerations are:

1. Sekolah Sri Murni
2. Sekolah Sri Chempaka
3. Convent Bukit Nenas (my personal preference)

We are also thinking of registering to a nearby Govt school, as a "just in …

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L and A Trading your Online Printing Solution

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L and A Trading your Online Printing Solution

Post by sivavp on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:40 pm

L and A Trading is an online printing provider in Malaysia. We provide all kind of printing services via online, you will get lowest price with high quality printing service with L and A Trading all the while.

After a lots of research and survey, our technical team found out what is the market actually needs and come out with a total solution for all prospective customers.

L and A Trading is an online printing company, we offers top quality printing products at up to 10% lower price than the market prices. Our aim is to provide you with the best, easiest and most cost efficient tool for solving your printing demands. We turn the present printing model upside down in terms of quality, design, simplicity and price structure!

How is it possible to offer this quality at such a low selling price? Internet is our only sales channel, all production is fully automated, you select amongst our templates and edit yourself and we operate with minimum staffing. The cost of operating process and unnecessary expenses has been reduce. Therefore, we makes high quality with low cost become possible!

L and A Trading also provides the full range of services in the area of professional retouch and photo restoration.Unaltered high quality is the base principle of our work, which we strictly follow and take pride in. Our studio specializes in various areas of digital graphics: photo retouching and photo restoration, pageant retouching, portrait retouch, photo coloring, photo montage, background change, object or person elimination, color correction, adding decorative photographic frames and borders, and lots of amazing digital surface effects.

Yes, we can solve almost all problems – the testimony of high professional level of our employees. We are ready to take into consideration any of customer's suggestions regarding the style of art works.Highly skilled personnel, the widest range of services, prompt order completion, service convenience – all of this and many other things distinguish L and A Trading in the market of digital photo services. See for yourself:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valuable customers, suppliers, well wishers and all those who are related to L and A Trading. We all at L and A Trading promise you to give our best of services forever. A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Online Printing Services

Business Card Printing
Flyer Printing
Brochure Printing
Bill Book
Pre-Ink Stamp
Ticket & Voucher
Photo Re-touching
Indian Wedding Cards
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Re: L and A Trading your Online Printing Solution

Post by sivavp on Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:42 pm

Business Cards [u]

A quality business cards has lot of advantages and it serves many purposes. But the main purpose for using a business cards is to communicate with the recipient to know about what you do and how to reach you through your email, fax, and phone or in person. Business Cards is important for a business no matter what kind of business you are doing, get a high quality business card with low cost printing service today with L and A Trading, your best way online printing solution in Malaysia.

Product Specifications

Paper Materials Art Card 260gsm (54mm x 89mm)
Printing Colour Full Colour (CMYK)
Process Days 7 working Days (after artwork confirmed)
Order → Print (5 day) → Send (2days) → Received

Price List - No Lamination
Quantity (pcs) 1 Side 2 Side Laminate
200 RM 34.00 RM 43.00 No
300 RM 36.00 RM 46.00 No
400 RM 38.00 RM 47.00 No
500 RM 39.00 RM 48.00 No
600 RM 43.00 RM 53.00 No
700 RM 44.00 RM 55.00 No
800 RM 46.00 RM 56.00 No
900 RM 47.00 RM 57.00 No
1000 RM 48.00 RM 59.00 No

Price List - With Lamination
Quantity (pcs) 1 Side 2 Side Laminate
200 RM 40.00 RM 49.00 Yes
300 RM 46.00 RM 53.00 Yes
400 RM 49.00 RM 56.00 Yes
500 RM 52.00 RM 59.00 Yes
600 RM 61.00 RM 65.00 Yes
700 RM 65.00 RM 69.00 Yes
800 RM 69.00 RM 73.00 Yes
900 RM 73.00 RM 77.00 Yes
1000 RM 75.00 RM 81.00 Yes

Price List - With Lamination + Spot UV (Single Side)
Quantity (pcs) 1 Side 2 Side Laminate
200 RM 57.00 RM 62.00 Yes
300 RM 61.00 RM 66.00 Yes
400 RM 66.00 RM 72.00 Yes
500 RM 70.00 RM 77.00 Yes
600 RM 79.00 RM 85.00 Yes
700 RM 87.00 RM 90.00 Yes
800 RM 94.00 RM 95.00 Yes
900 RM 99.00 RM 100.00 Yes
1000 RM 104.00 RM 105.00 Yes

Price List - With Lamination + Spot UV (Double Side)
Quantity (pcs) 1 Side 2 Side Laminate
200 NO RM 82.00 Yes
300 NO RM 92.00 Yes
400 NO RM 104.00 Yes
500 NO RM 116.00 Yes
600 NO RM 130.00 Yes
700 NO RM 143.00 Yes
800 NO RM 166.00 Yes
900 NO RM 178.00 Yes
1000 NO RM 191.00 Yes

Note : 1)For Design add RM15.00 per order, Own design no need to add
2) Repeat order don't have design cost
3) Free Delivery

Order Procedure

You have no Customize Templates in list at this moment
If you need custom made templates for your business
You may send request to our Customers Service department via below email
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